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Mastech Multimeter

Apparently, most of the people will never need to use or own a Mastech Multimeter, or other digital multimeter. A digital multimeter enables the user to measure some electrical specifics, such as amperage, voltage, resistance and more.  For the 'Do It Yourself' guys, those who must put their hands on every ticking and flipping instrument, this is a 'must have' tool.

There are several companies manufacturing digital multimeters. Among them are Tektronix, Mastech, Fluke and Extech, providing many models of this type. Mastech industry is a well-known brand at Southeast Asia, and though having offices at the United States and Canada, they are still struggling to break through the heavy competition. Mastech has a lot to offer in terms of quality, service and cost.

Mastech Multimeter product line contains dozens of models, in order to satisfy every possible need. There are hand carry multimeters, lab oriented multimeters, and even pocket multimeters. The models are differed by several features, such as, accuracy, range of operation and functionality. Accuracy information is presented by percentage, stating the top and low variance per each measurement function. Range of operation defines the range in which the instrument is reliable and safe, again, each measurement function has its own range. Functionality can refer to measurement function, such as voltage, amperage, resistance, activity and more. There are also user functionality to take under consideration, such as screen size, weight, data hold, back light and size.

Classical multimeters can measure three parameters: DC and AC voltage, DC and AC current, resistance. The new Mastech Multimeter products can measure those three parameters plus some additional parameters that can assist the eager electrical technician with assessing the 'big picture'. Those are capacitance, Inductance, frequency and temperature. Other available capabilities are Diode Test and Continuity Test. All combined in one handy tool, makes it much easier to measure, test or diagnose any electrical and electronic device.

The Mastech Multimeter consists of two main series. Each contains several products with different features and capabilities.

The MS8240 series include two models, B and D, where the latest is more accurate and has larger operating range. On the other hand, only the B model is capable of measuring inductance. User functionality comparison will tell that both instruments have the same physical characteristics (weight, size and power supply) but the MS8240D is also featured with auto and manual range, data hold function, max/min value measurement, relative measurement, back light, low battery indication, auto power off and USB interface.

The MS8260 series include six models: B, C, D, E, F and G. All six have the same physical characteristics, in terms of weight and size, making them suitable for hand carries. The models slightly differ from each other by its range of operation and accuracy. Other than that, all instruments in the series have all the convenient features as the MS8240D: auto and manual range, data hold function, max/min value measurement, relative measurement, back light, low battery indication, auto power off. An extra capability is measuring Hfe, which is referred to the value of a transistor gain for DC signals.

Whether you are a professional or just an electrical devices fan, a Mastech Multimeter instrument is the best cost effective choice for you. Carefully consider your needs, and look for a suitable Mastech Multimeter model to gain a positive impact on your job or hobby.